Covid-19 Update 

At present due to the current situation in Winnipeg and surrounding areas we are conducting modified appraisals whenever possible. If a modified appraisal is not possible or deemed insufficient a full interior inspection may be able to be completed with an abundance of caution and safety measures. 


A modified appraisal is where the appraiser uses data provided by owners/ occupants such as photo's / videos, an onsite exterior inspection, assessment data, building plans etc. to examine the property. The appraiser invokes  Extraordinary Assumption and Extraordinary Limiting Conditions to assume any data obtained by outside sources is correct. These reports come with higher associated risks and it is ultimately the intended users named in the report, such as lending institutions decision whether these are acceptable or not. 

There are many situations where we cannot proceed with a full appraisal and a modified appraisals would be required. We will not put ourselves or others at risk of contracting the virus. In situations where modified appraisals are completed due to health concerns we do not share the appraisers or the occupants personal health history as it is strictly confidential. 

These modified appraisals require a significant amount of support for owners / occupants of a dwelling.  There is no discount for the appraiser not doing an interior inspection. The work required to analyses occupant provided data is typically more time consuming than our typical inspections. 

Message from the Appraisal Institute of Canada

Evolving Public Health Authority Directives

The realities around COVID-19 are changing and evolving. The directives issued by some Public Health Authorities (PHAs) will vary from region to region across the country.

AIC Members are reminded to monitor and follow the directions of their local PHAs including those for virus spread mitigation practices, such as:

  • use of Personal Protective Equipment

  • avoiding high touch areas

  • providing pre-inspection instructions to owners/occupants, such as opening all interior doors and closets and panels, turning lights on upon your arrival to minimize surface transfer

  • physical distancing

  • if health risks or PHA directives prevent an interior site inspection, completing an interior inspection remotely using technology or third-party data. 

Please do your part to keep you, your family, and your community safe and healthy.