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Ordering an appraisal can be a complex process. See below for what to consider when ordering an appraisal.
If you have and questions do not hesitate to call us directly before ordering.  

Contact Us!

Please email all requests to 

Please include the following and see below for other considerations  
  • Address of the subject property

  • Purpose of the appraisal 

  • Who is ordering the appraisal

  • Who is the contact for payment

  • Who is the contact for entry

  • Required turn around time

  • Lender (financing purpose)


We do our best to reply to emails within 4 business hours. 


What to consider when ordering an appraisal?

Names required for the report. First, the client's name in the report. This is not necessarily the one who pays for the report but rather the one using the appraiser's professional service. For mortgage financing this is typically the lender. Borrowers' names if applicable. Finally, who is ordering the appraisal, broker, care of estate, etc. 

• Location and any other details of the property that the appraiser should be aware of. This can include the type of property, single-family, duplex, vacant land, etc. As well as any health or safety concerns should be relayed to the appraiser. 

• Who should the appraiser be collecting the fee from? The fee charged for completing the assignment and identification of the party responsible for making the payment should be negotiated prior to starting the assignment.  The fee depends on the complexity of the assignment.

• Purpose of the Assignment. The purpose of the report states what value is being estimated in response to the client’s intended use or needs. Market value, market rent, current, retrospective, as complete, etc. 

• Intended Use of the Report. Identifies the client’s intended use of the appraiser’s reported opinions and conclusions in the report (i.e. first mortgage financing, refinancing). This guides the appraiser in determining the scope of work required for the report to allow the client to make an informed decision.

• Assumptions Made in the Analysis and Limiting Conditions that may Impact the Value. Specific conditions to an assignment known as Assumptions and Limiting Conditions should be discussed in advance and confirmed in writing by the appraiser as being appropriate for the valuation.

• Conflict of Interest. The appraiser must disclose any conflict prior to taking on an assignment or as soon as uncovered once the assignment has started. Depending on the nature of the conflict, the appraiser may need to decline an assignment.

• Turn around time required. This refers to the date that the final valuation report is expected to be delivered to the client.

Important note regarding appraisals for mortgage financing

Hink Appraisals is approved to work for many lending institutions. However* many lending institutions require that they order appraisals directly. In many cases, borrowers cannot simply walk into a lending institution with an appraisal. We always recommend that you speak to your mortgage broker or lending institution prior to ordering an appraisal to ensure the appraisal will be acceptable.   


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