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What We Offer

  • Opinion of value for mortgage or lending purposes

  • Opinion of value for the district registrar, foreclosure proceedings 

  • Opinion of value for private sale proceedings

  • Appraisals for estates or capital gains tax

  • Market rent analysis

  • Progress inspection reports

  • New construction as complete opinion of value

  • Current Market/Future Value (As Is/On Completion) Estimates

Image by Phil Hearing

Service Areas

We are proud to service many areas in Southern Manitoba

Our typical service area is two hours commuting distance from the city of Winnipeg.  This includes cities, towns, small communities, rural properties, and recreational/cottages properties.

Travel time and expenses apply for properties outside of the city of Winnipeg. 

Image by Paul MARSAN


Naomi (Hink) Hornby holds the CRA P. App. – Canadian Residential Appraiser designation. Qualified to appraise individual undeveloped residential dwelling sites and dwellings containing not more than four self-contained family housing units.

We do not appraise agricultural properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, or farm equipment. Our services are strictly residential.

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